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About LeadSquared

LeadSquared was born in early 2012 at MarketXpander Services. MarketXpander was founded in 2011 to help marketing teams to generate real, measurable business results. With the role of internet, social media and mobility becoming pivotal in marketing operations, MarketXpander’s leadership team realized that with the right marketing software and tools, marketing teams can achieve greater lead generation success.

LeadSquared enables lead generation success for marketers. It addresses most of the common asks of a marketing automation solution and is priced for small businesses.

With LeadSquared, you can:

  • Create landing pages to drive more conversions from your PPC Campaigns.
  • Identify your most important leads using Lead Pulse.
  • Engage your leads using Email Campaigns and Autoresponders.
  • Track the responses of different Landing Pages and Email Campaigns.
  • Improve your marketing through analytics.
  • Integrate with other tools using the API and connectors.

The GATE Academy, one of the fastest growing education companies in India, needed help increasing their online lead generation. GATE Academy wanted more sales from their existing marketing budget, improved lead quality, and a solution for their lead management challenges. With LeadSquared, the GATE Academy was able to launch new online lead generation campaigns quickly. The counseling team was able to prioritize and focus on leads which needed the most attention, nurture the leads that weren’t sales-ready, and finally can correctly attribute leads to the appropriate marketing channels. 

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