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About Infor Lawson

Lawson is made by Infor, one of the most trusted enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers in the world. The company boasts more than 70,000 clients and maintains a staff of more than 12,000 employees. The company serves 19 of the top 20 aerospace companies in the world, serves dozens of companies in the tech sector, and has specialized products for clients in the health delivery sector. They aid industrial distributors, automotive suppliers and city and state governments. They create top-quality software that is both specialized and easy-to-use.

Logistics management software helps managers focus their time on strategy instead of processing shipping orders. Order management software functions in much the same way. When clients work with Infor Lawson, they transform their workforce. Instead of spending hours processing orders, their time is put to better use, organizing high-level strategy for their workplaces. Infor’s Lawson enterprise resource planning software automates every process it can. It standardizes orders and tracks supplier information, and it keeps track of customer and supplier relationships. Because Infor’s solutions also function as effective distribution software, clients easily track shipments and inventory without having to leave the office.

Infor’s Lawson specializes in automation and creates effective, reliable supply chain management solutions.

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