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Real Estate
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Mid Sized Businesses, Small Sized Businesses

About Lasso CRM

Lasso is a company that specializes in CRM solutions for the home building industry, a very competitive market full of unique challenges. Lasso CRM provides home building companies with intuitive technology so they can sell more efficiently sell real estate and increase profit margins. According to Dave Clements, CEO of Lasso CRM, the CRM software has been used on thousands of development projects and has helped sell billions of dollars’ worth of property around the globe.

Lasso CRM stands out from other CRMs through its commitment to the home building industry. Lead management allows builders to effortlessly capture and manage leads through online registration pages, iPads, online directors, model home kiosks, and much more. Once the leads are captured, Lasso CRM utilizes automated follow-ups to nurture more appointments and propel the sales cycle. Lasso’s exclusive Lead Intelligence software gives builders insight into prospective buyers to ensure that any follow-up communication is not only timely, but is also highly personalized and tailored. Aside from targeting buyers, Lasso helps builders target key connectors and influencers in the industry, connections that could help expand a builder’s customer base. Through online leads capture, automatic responses, survey databases, contact management, purchaser and inventory management, real-time reporting, and much more, Lasso CRM ensures that home builders have the tools they need to grow their business.

Mac Marketing Solutions, which is based in Vancouver, Canada, specializes in marketing residential developments. Since 2001, Mac Marketing Solutions has sold thousands of homes and has continuously refined its internal processes to grow its business. Mac has sold over 10,000 units and has collaborated with developers on hundreds of projects through Lasso CRM, and according to Janet Frost, Director of Sales at Mac Marketing Solutions, Lasso CRM is the most effective database system the company has ever used.

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