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KontainerProduct Overview

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Kontainer product overview

Kontainer is a digital asset management software that combines a modern and user-friendly image bank with PIM software. It collects, maintains, and shares all product information manually during import and export or via automatic integrations.

Integrating Kontainer with existing PIM systems streamlines the delivery of product data, images, video, size guides, and washing instructions to various customers, retailers, and webshops. This digital asset management solution enables brands to organize, tag, convert, and distribute graphics, PDFs, and templates that are searchable and shareable.

Kontainer allows organizations to update, modify, or store digital marketing materials in a centralized repository for future reference. It provides white-label capabilities so businesses can design a personalized interface with custom colors, logos, and URLs. The software offers industry-specific features and integrations to support using digital assets across different platforms and channels.

Pros of Kontainer

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  • Kontainer is GDPR compliant with an ISAE 3402 certification that sets high standards for the security of files. The software includes GDPR-approved hosting, advanced rights management, and consent management.
  • The Kontainer Digital Asset Management team helps businesses get started. They move all images, files, and data and organize these with tags and descriptions in a simple folder structure. The team also equips clients with onboarding and support as well as manuals and video materials for the training of future users.

Cons of Kontainer

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  • Users commented that they are unable to replace existing files in the system without having to delete, re-upload, and redo tags and texts.

Breakdown of core features

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Advanced download options

Users can download and convert a high-resolution .tiff file or Adobe Illustrator into a .jpg or insert the file directly into an Indesign or Word document with Kontainer’s Adobe and Office plug-in.

Album management

Kontainer’s album management feature lets users avoid duplicates when using album folders. It allows files to be in multiple folders without being duplicates. The system also has intelligent tagging and advanced search that cuts the time spent looking for the latest version of a file.

Quick sharing and public links

Users can share files or entire folders in seconds with encrypted time-limited links that can be sent directly from Kontainer.

Advanced user permissions

Kontainer enables companies to assign different views, download and upload rights, and manage access for users. This advanced user rights feature lets businesses control which information and files are accessible to internal and external users. Internal users can log in with ADFS / SSO, while external users have specific access to a single file or direct access to a landing page without login.

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Quick Facts

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  • Advanced Media Search
  • Advanced User Permissions
  • Brand look and URL
  • Album management
  • Comment and approval tool
  • Digital Showroom
  • Local File Browsing
  • Crop and Conversion Tool
  • Notifications
  • Tag Management
  • File Preview
  • Statistics
  • Quick sharing and public links
  • Sales Presentation Tool
  • GDPR Consent and date management


  • Salesforce
  • Google Docs
  • HubSpot
  • Dropbox Business
  • Microsoft 365
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • inriver PIM
  • Episerver

Pricing Model

  • Business
  • Professionel
  • Premium
  • Enterprise


  • Danish
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish