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About Kissflow

Kissflow believes the people closest to the chaos know how to fix it best. That’s why they created a platform to help all business users discover, create, modify, and use business applications. Each application is made using beautiful, easy-to- use, and modern technology to help even non-technical people create amazing applications; no coding or complex mapping required.

Kissflow brings the power of business process management and workflow software to your office for a fraction of the cost. More than 10,000+ customers use Kissflow across more than 121 countries. It is deeply integrated with Google Apps and is rated highly. Kissflow enables you to easily create and publish workflows in a matter of minutes, using an intuitive 5-step wizard. After publishing, Kissflow helps you manage your workflows with permissions, approvals, and other action items. Kissflow also offers robust analytics that help identify bottlenecks, so you can improve throughput. It installs quickly to your Chrome browser and can integrate with a myriad of other systems with an API, WebHooks, and Zapier support. Kissflow is OS-agnostic, and offers mobile workflow management apps for both iOS and Android.

Kissflow is used by organizations in any industry imaginable, with notable clients including Sysco, Pepsi, the U.S. Coast Guard, Vonage, Saint Gobain, and many others. If you would like to know more about Kissflow or other workflow management software, call, click, or email to speak with a Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today.

Let work flow from your brain to your business. Try Kissflow today.

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