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About Keas

Keas is an employee engagement company that creates platforms to drive productivity while managing costs. Keas focuses on corporate health and wellness and believes that peer motivation and social interaction create healthier and happier employees. They are one of the only employee engagement programs in the industry that offers guaranteed results.

Keas’ platform is a social application that helps employees develop healthy habits through peer motivation and community support. Their mobile applications encourage employees to make small changes each day to keep themselves healthy. These small changes have been shown to result in higher employee engagement, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and lower absenteeism. To begin, Keas requires minimal assistance from IT. Their system is HIPAA compliant, and allows employees to enter their personal health data and keep track of their own goals. Keas then uses this data in order to identify risks and make suggestions to improve fitness and health. The platform also helps track blood pressure, weight, BMI, and cholesterol, and creates a community for support and encouragement. In addition to keeping track of personal health data, Keas also offers challenges, quests and games that employees can participate in to win virtual rewards, incentives, and badges.

Incapital, a leading underwriter and distributor of fixed income securities and structured notes, implemented Keas to encourage employees to address issues that were impacting their health. Keas created a program that encouraged employees to work together in small teams to support each other’s goals and habits. An Incapital satisfaction survey noted that 91% of employees believe that this program improved overall teamwork at their company. In addition, 95% of respondents reported that they would remain proactive afterwards in keeping a healthier lifestyle.

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