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Integrated medical software for independent practice
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Kareo, a Tebra CompanyProduct Overview

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Kareo product overview

Kareo, a Tebra Company, delivers a fully integrated complete solution suite designed to meet the needs of each independent healthcare practice. The software offers a single, scalable, cloud-based software that streamlines the end-to-end workflows that providers utilize every day. It empowers healthcare organizations to engage with patients, run a smarter business, provide better care, and get paid faster.

Unlike other companies that built their offering for large medical groups or hospitals, Kareo is purpose-built for the workflows and unique needs of the independent practice. The result is a reasonably-priced platform without unnecessary features.

Kareo brings integrated Clinical, Billing, Managed Billing, and Engage modules that work together as part of a seamless platform. As a result, practices get the tools to tackle administrative challenges. Physicians can manage all major functions of their clinic through one platform.

Pros of Kareo

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  • The platform comes with a clinical workflow guide that walks users through eight areas of the practice to see where they can minimize or eliminate wasted time. The guide includes best practices Kareo gathered across the nation for improving clinical workflows from top to bottom.
  • It engages external certifying bodies and independent auditors to ensure the policies, processes, and controls established and operated by the company meet applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Cons of Kareo

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  • According to users, Kareo has poor customer support.

Breakdown of core features

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Electronic health records (EHR)

The platform enables medical practitioners to write notes and prescriptions, code encounters, and manage patients in cloud-based EHR. Moreover, physicians can customize the software to their needs. Medical professionals can filter note types and templates to their specialty and set favorites and shortcuts to save time and focus on patients. The flexibility of Kareo means users can utilize the device and documentation style of their choice.


Kareo’s e-Prescribing feature takes both providers and their patients into consideration. The Kareo Clinical e-Prescribing workflow improves accuracy, increases patient safety, and reduces costs while creating a secure connection between medical practice and a pharmacy. When coupled with Kareo patient eligibility checks and patient medical histories, e-Prescribing gives providers insight and peace of mind when prescribing medications throughout a patient’s care journey.

Patient engagement

The software equips practices to create a positive end-to-end patient experience, from getting found online to re-care reminders. Providers can simplify and automate many patient communications with tools like online scheduling and patient intake, bi-directional text and email reminders, and patient follow-up surveys.

Furthermore, Kareo updates online listings, boosts search rankings profile, and improves patient reviews on multiple social media sites. Medical organizations can enhance their online reputation and presence so more patients can find them. Then, they can use the software to maintain engagement with regular patient communications like re-care messages and satisfaction surveys.


Kareo’s web and mobile applications let providers handle patients and the complications that come with billing insurance. It allows billers to use a robust desktop application that supports flexible workflows, A/R management, reporting, and analytics. The software also presents a dashboard that shows billers exactly what tasks they need to complete. Staff can set alerts for things like no-response claims to ensure nothing slips through and can collect every dollar. Kareo processes all billing electronically, and practitioners can see how they are doing in real-time with the reporting dashboard.

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