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Product requirements and application lifecycle management solution
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Jama ConnectProduct Overview

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Jama Connect product overview

Jama Connect is an application lifecycle management solution designed for requirements, test, and risk management for improving quality and reducing rework. It allows product managers, systems engineers, and business analysts to understand the complete product development lifecycle in one centralized hub. It enables teams to deliver high-quality products on time and budget by aligning stakeholders through efficient and collaborative reviews, identifying risks early on, and visualizing connections between regulations, requirements, and test cases throughout the development process.

Pros of Jama Connect

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  • Jama Connect ensures compliance and manages risk with frameworks aligned to key industry standards which streamline design, development, testing, and risk management while maintaining compliance. Teams can see the full historical context around a requirement when they contribute to a project, reducing the probability of errors as well as the time and overhead spent on risk analysis.
  • It increases process efficiency by allowing teams to create catalogs of reusable versions and sets of requirements. With versioning, baselining, and change management of the requirements in place, teams can improve reuse, reduce design inconsistencies, and reduce the discrepancies found during testing, verification, and validation.

Cons of Jama Connect

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  • Some users reported that the solution comes with a steep learning curve.
  • Some of the licenses limit the number of users who can stay logged in at the same time.

Breakdown of core features

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Live traceability

The solution ensures product quality and improves change management with complete traceability. Teams maintain a rigorous change management process and reveal interdependencies within the process to keep projects on track. Users navigate upstream and downstream relationships to understand the impact of change and coverage across the development lifecycle and save time finding gaps in overall test coverage. Jama Connect lets users understand change impact before it happens. It allows users to track relationships across projects as well as identify potentially problematic links when changes are made.

Real-time collaboration

Jama Connect guarantees secure, cross-functional collaboration across teams, customers, and complex supply chains to remove friction throughout the development process. Collaboration in the solution enables users to view open decisions, issues, and questions that require a response. It allows teams to make timely decisions by responding directly to emails and @mentioning stakeholders. Users can stream discussions to get a pulse on a project and seamlessly bring new users and stakeholders into current conversations.

Review center

Jama Connect’s Review Center feature provides an iterative and collaborative approach to reviewing requirements and tests in real-time. It enables efficient and scalable reviews and shortens review cycles. Teams can prioritize critical decisions and align stakeholders to improve response times, minimize meetings, and eliminate communication bottlenecks. Users can facilitate compliant reviews and approvals by creating a standardized review process, gaining formal approvals, and exporting to an auditable system of record.

Test and quality management

The solution allows Quality Assurance (QA) teams to create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards, and reports and manage testing in real-time. Testing teams can view and run test cases and instantly log connected defects when tests fail. Users engage in real-time conversations about the impact and prioritization of defects. Teams can show auditors the connections between regulations, requirements, and tests.

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  • Requirements Management
  • Live Traceability
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Review Center
  • Test and Quality Management
  • Risk and Hazard Analysis
  • Reuse and Baseline Management
  • Import-Export Wizard
  • Visibility and Compliance Reporting
  • Workflow and Configuration Management


  • Jira
  • Tricentis
  • LDRA
  • OpsHub
  • Tasktop


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