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intelliHRProduct Overview

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intelliHR product overview

intelliHR is a strategic people management platform that creates a culture based on continuous feedback and enables performance by empowering employees. It provides business leaders with real-time people and HR data insights. This people management platform allows businesses to better understand their people.

With intelliHR, organizations can automate HR admin tasks to spend more time on building culture and developing employees. Teams can put all spreadsheets, documents, and employee files in one accessible location and automate end-to-end HR processes for a better employee experience. Users can report on the results with a click, linking initiatives to ROI outcomes and proving HR as a driver of financial performance.

intelliHR provides employees with personal profiles with self-service access to change their details, record goals and training, manage their skills, request feedback, and fill out any forms. It facilitates backend access to people analytics to let businesses understand trends and take action, all backed up by data.

intelliHR is intuitive and user-friendly. The software was designed with a clean and simple interface for employees, HR teams, and leaders.

Pros of intelliHR

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  • The software provides a central source of truth for multiple data sources and automated workflows as a solution to manual onboarding. Its inbuilt people analytics let users better visualize, understand, and interact with their people data, which can be applied to make strategic HR decisions.
  • Product updates are constantly being made to the platform, led by customer feedback and requests. The system is intuitive and streamlined with a user-friendly, accessible interface across a wide range of features.
  • intelliHR has an NPS of 61 and is dedicated to regularly delivering positive customer service levels.

Cons of intelliHR

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  • intelliHR doesn’t provide an all-in-one, generalist HR system and does not have built-in payroll or ATS capabilities. However, the platform integrates with a variety of solutions such as Xero and JobAdder to achieve these objectives.

Breakdown of core features

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Automated workflows

With intelliHR, teams can automate a range of HR processes including onboarding, engagement surveys, and performance management. Its workflows minimize manual tasks, eliminate the paper-chase, and enable consistency and seamless delivery across the organization. Users can choose from research-based, best-practice form templates or create and customize their own and set rules to schedule workflows and automate follow-ups with triggers.

The platform streamlines the onboarding processes, including policy sign-offs, to create a beneficial employee experience ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and no employee gets left behind. Businesses can run engagement surveys and collect ongoing feedback on employee satisfaction, wellbeing, and performance to understand employee sentiment and take action where needed. Users can update processes in the form library, which automatically updates workflows.

People analytics

intelliHR’s advanced people analytics enable HR teams to understand people and transform decision-making with real-time people analytics and insights, without the spreadsheets. It provides dynamic, interactive, and sophisticated graphs, charts, and dashboards to bring people’s data to life. Its simple data analysis tools let users drill down to explore and visualize people throughout their employee journey.

The solution enables teams to monitor sentiment based on ongoing employee feedback and analyze keywords from regular check-ins to gauge the mood in the organization and address accordingly. HR teams can also cross-filter any data by business unit, pay grade, tenure, supervisor, gender, and work type to get to the source of problems or opportunities. This additional level of analysis into data and intelliHR’s AI-powered insights and recommendations add more value and provide deeper insight into the organization.

Ongoing employee engagement

intelliHR’s employee engagement feature lets companies understand how teams feel about their work and the workplace and reach out before burnout with a suite of employee listening and wellbeing tools that provide insights. Through employee engagement, automated feedback surveys are sent to employees regularly to help understand engagement and track development. All feedback is stored on employee profiles, maintaining a single source of truth.

Employee engagement comes with the following tools: intelliHR’s continuous-feedback 1:1 ‘check-in’, easy peer feedback requests, wellbeing and engagement analytics (including sentiment analysis), centralized core HR employee data with user profiles and dashboards for self-service access, and manager diary notes and admin tools.

Performance enablement

intelliHR’s performance enablement tools automate the performance review cycles, allow employees to set and achieve goals, and drive performance.

These tools let employees track and record their goals, request training, and receive feedback. Information won’t be lost or forgotten in the next review because it is automatically recorded and stored on each team member’s profile. IntelliHR’s performance tools ensure less recency bias and manager burden and more satisfied review completions.

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  • Xero
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  • Go1
  • Kineo
  • Scout Talent
  • Azure Active Directory

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