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About Intelex

Intelex offers an ERM software solution via a comprehensive Health and Safety Management Suite. This solution allows organizations to track safety training, licensing and certifications, simplify compliance with permits and reporting requirements, ensure quick access to all your critical safety data and metrics, and reduce safety risks across the entire organization. Organizations can record, trend, and investigate all types of EHS incidents, near-misses, and dangerous conditions. Software solutions include EHS incidents, occupational injury and illness, safety objectives and targets, safety policy, and vehicle incidents.

Safety initiative performance is improved by leveraging leading indicators, including behavior-based safety, job safety analysis, and ergonomics tracking. Organizations can stay ahead of the safety curve with occupational health records and ergonomics assessments for all employees across multiple job functions including industrial hygiene, occupational health, and case and claims. Structured training in one central system enables documentation and communication of safety compliance, safety policies, and procedures. Modules include document control, training management, communication management, safety meetings management, management review, and audits management.

Other offerings provide solutions for environmental management so that organizations can evaluate their environmental compliance status and gain visibility in order to proactively manage compliance activities for ISO 14000 standards and requirements, and other permit requirements, while avoiding falling into noncompliance. The solutions offered include asset and compliance tracking system, permits management, legal and other requirements, aspects and impacts, environmental incidents, emergency response, objectives and targets, environmental policy, and notice of violation. These solutions streamline data processes, enable access to relevant regulatory information in one location, track sustainability indicators, and applicability analysis. Organizations can mitigate risks and identify opportunities to improve performance with regard to water quality, waste management, emissions management, refrigerant management and more.

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