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IFA United I-Tech Inc. is owned by IFA Systems AG, and provides ophthalmic IT solutions. IFA Systems AG is based in Cologne, Germany and was founded in 1984. Germany was at the forefront of the universal electronic medical record (EMR) movement, so IFA Systems has been on the leading edge of the transition. The company serves customers in 14 countries, and, despite becoming a public company on the Frankfurt stock market, 80 percent of the company remains owned by IFA management, employees and customers, so the focus on producing quality opthalmic software holds strong.

IFA offers customized EMR solutions for ophthalmologists, ophthalmic surgeons, glaucoma specialists, and retina specialists. IFA EMRs connect with eye care equipment such as OCTs, field analyzers, HRT, cameras and image systems, AR, LM, and automated phoropters. Data is stored in meaningful, understandable ways for easy reference. Included digital patient education graphics and animations can help improve patient satisfaction and features such as automated referral letters pick up the pace of the office visit. Clinical pathway navigation and  automated reports help ophthalmologists to fill out information quicker and more accurately with fewer transcription errors, and receive proper reports afterwards.

IFA Systems also makes modular practice management and hospital administration software: Resource Planner, OP Plan Generator/Surgery Module, and Practice Organizer. Most of these solutions can be implemented as standalone administrative and operations software, or they may be implemented alongside a fully integrated IFA EMR deployment. Also, if not wanting to abandon investments in an existing software system, IFA Systems may be able to customize any of its standalone software to integrate with your legacy system, for a fee.

Resource Planner is for large ophthalmic practices or hospital departments who need to manage a large staff and match them to appointments. It can manage holidays, sick days, internal/external appointments, on call, etc. Create workgroups, appointment categories, and other organizational methods using the Resource Planner software.

OP Plan Generator is a module developed specifically to support ophthalmic surgery; it allows for the creation of surgical plans using images, diagrams, and more. Plans generated with OP Plan Generator are imported directly into the OP Documentation and electronic patient record modules, which are required as part of an OP Plan Generator deployment. Both the interface and the integration capabilities of OP Plan Generator make is a superior alternative to use of Word or Excel for creating ophthalmic surgical plans.

Practice Organizer is a combination of modules: Task Manager, Practice Manual with Outline, and Digital Archive. Combined, these modules make Practice Organizer an ideal organizational, document,  and workflow management tool. and also a repository for training, instructional, and operational resources.

Dr. Warden’s Physician Eye Care Center implemented IFA EMR with hopes of switching to an EMR without a dramatic change in workflow. Those hopes were met. Input screens were customized to allow the input of information in the same format and order as on paper, and the transition was smooth enough that according to Dr. Warden, “Every physician was back to a full schedule within 2 weeks of implementing EMR.”

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