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About iDashboards

iDashboards is a data visualization software company that supports innovative solutions in the business intelligence (BI) and SaaS space. It allows companies of any size to display their data in engaging ways and provides dashboard solutions that are easily built, dynamic, and suitable for any user. This company serves companies in every sector, like higher education, government, insurance, financial services, K-12 education, healthcare, sports, utility & energy, restaurant & hospitality, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, and pharmaceuticals industry

With iDashboards, organizations can take data from multiple scattered sources and bring it together into a single dynamic dashboard. The Data Hub, our built-in ETL tool, allows for seamless data transformation and synchronization. Business users can display and analyze data in real-time without pulling reports, allowing them to make informed decisions even faster and with greater accuracy. iDashboards can be hosted on premises or in the Cloud, depending on the needs of the organization. Dashboards can be securely shared with stakeholders, so everyone works from a single source of truth. This product is user-friendly, allowing you to rapidly create custom dashboards and reports, drill down into detailed data, utilize what-if analytics, and send alerts.

Users can also explore premium upgrades like Wall Displays, Unlimited Web Viewers, and Custom Branding packages.

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