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About iCharts

iCharts is a “collaborative visual intelligence” solution that helps users quickly visualize complex business information directly inside NetSuite and the Google Cloud Platform.

Specializing in natively-embedded business intelligence, iCharts provides businesses and their employees with the insights they need directly within the applications they use. Their mission is to business intelligence more accessible, more actionable, and ultimately more assistive through modern software tools. Your team can use iCharts to transform NetSuite data into real-time reports without leaving your NetSuite dashboard. 

Thanks to the software’s self-service capabilities, you won’t need help from your IT department to create reports. If you know how to use Excel, it’s that simple. And since iCharts does not use any pre-aggregated data, you can trust that all of your analytics will be in real-time, based on NetSuite transactional data. To add additional sources, you can use the mashups features to import external data and get a fuller view of your business. 

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