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About IBS Enterprise

IBS was founded in 1978 and joined with Symphony Technology Group in 2011. The company has 40 locations throughout the globe, and it has an impressive client list including companies such as GE Lighting, Volvo, Goodyear, and many more. The company is active in over 20 countries, and has partnered with numerous entities including Axiom, C&W Logistics, TeleDynamics Solutions, and more. The company is headed by numerous professionals with prior employment as CEOs, Executive Vice Presidents, and sales leaders. Their corporate headquarters is located in Sweden, with the other three regional headquarters located in California, Australia, and Belgium.

IBS Enterprise is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution with numerous modules and features to assist business owners in the management process. The IBS Enterprise ERP features include supply management, manufacturing, demand management, distribution financials, workflow, mobility, business performance management and supply chain management. These modules allow for the fast review of business history, which can be used to more accurately address customer needs. IBS ERP software allows clients to improve flexibility and functionality, while managing business aspects that will allow for a decrease in costs and an increase in profits. This ERP software is available on a number of different platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and more.

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