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About VMWare Horizon

VMware is a company that provides IT solutions for large enterprises. Its mobile device management (MDM) solution is featured via its Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace. This program allows for the centralized management of devices, desktops, and applications through one cloud-based platform. VMware is ideal for large companies seeking to mobilize its workforce while reducing costs and streamlining the process of device management.

VMware’s Horizon Suite benefits employees, IT administrators, and entire organizations by combining advanced mobile device control functions, security features, and simplified management tasks into one mobile device management solution. This platform supports a wide range of corporate and employee owned devices including Mac, Windows and Linux endpoints devices as well as iPad and Android tablets, enabling companies to adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to enterprise mobility. The Horizon Suite’s Mobile Secure Workspace secures access by a two factor authentication process. VMware’s MDM solution enables businesses to operate optimally from any location at any time. As a result, companies cut IT expenditures while providing employees with a reliable and secure method of increasing productivity and collaboration.

VMware’s mobile device management solutions have been implemented in multiple industries. One of VMware’s earlier clients, the Children’s Hospital of Central California, needed a secure mobile device management solution that would allow physicians to work on-the-go with iPads. As an organization that must adhere to strict federal privacy standards, the Children’s Hospital of Central California needed to maintain a high level of security while ensuring employees access to critical information. By implementing VMware’s Horizon Suite, the Children’s Hospital of Central California provided its employees with a safe, reliable, and convenient solution that effectively mobilized workflow and enhanced productivity.

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