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Hoopla by Raydiant

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Hoopla by RaydiantProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Hoopla
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  4. Breakdown of core features

Hoopla product overview

Hoopla by Raydiant, or simply Hoopla, is an automated, real-time motivation and recognition solution for competitive teams and high-performance cultures. The platform helps celebrate wins that get results and enables organizations to inspire their teams anywhere.

Hoopla uses gamification and friendly competition to increase engagement and team performance. It amplifies performance for businesses of all sizes through broadcasts that are visible where they work — digital signage for offices, web, and mobile apps for remote team members. These signages display key milestones and accomplishments.

Additionally, the platform builds and reinforces the organization’s unique values, targets, and goals. It provides live leaderboards to track performance and GIFs, music, and videos to make the gamification more fun. It also allows companies to give spendable points for achieving goals and reinforcing company values.

Pros of Hoopla

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  • It lets organizations include remote employees in virtual celebrations. It sends alerts that inform team members of milestones achieved or reasons for celebration.
  • Businesses can challenge remote workers by creating KPIs and goals to work towards and motivate them with wins that instantly and publicly recognize their contributions.

Cons of Hoopla

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  • It offers limited direct third-party integrations.

Breakdown of core features

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Hoopla motivates teams and boosts employee engagement with fun workplace competitions. Employees can play one-on-one battles, team tournaments, and company contests. Moreover, organizations can show employees that their work matters and that their wins mean rewards and recognition.


Managers can know at a glance how employees and teams are doing at any given moment through leaderboards. Hoopla collects and calculates performance metrics from third-party sources and parlays them into a visual scoreboard. Businesses can set office screens to display all your essential metrics for the day, week, month, quarter, year, or a custom time frame.

Hoopla screens show comparative rankings, display contests progress and results, and broadcast wins as they happen, letting managers watch workers and teams progress to their goals.


Hoopla contests turn company goals and employee KPIs into fun, friendly contests employees can play with the whole company, in teams, or as individuals. Live leaderboards monitor performance, cheer players on, and “crown” winners with on-screen celebrations.


The software’s rewards program enables employees to shop for real-life prizes based on a points system the company controls. Management can incentivize teams with every KPI conquered, goal smashed, and quota beat. As a result, workers feel appreciated and become more productive — enhancing the work culture.

(Last updated on 05/23/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Advertising / Media / Publishing, Computer and Technology, Customer Service / Call Centers, Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Financial Services, Staffing / Recruiting, Media and Publishing, Sales
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses





  • Streaming Channels
  • Digital Signage
  • Contests and challenges
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards
  • Performance Management
  • Recognize Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Streaming Video
  • Dashboards
  • Display Gauges
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Social Media Updates
  • Scheduled Content


  • Zapier
  • Google Sheets
  • Slack
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • Talkdesk
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Hubspot

Pricing Model

  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package


  • English
  • Spanish