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Homebase is a time clock solution that allows businesses to manage their teams from their computer, smartphone, or point-of-sale system. The system allows users to keep track of their team from anywhere, and will even send a notification if a team member doesn’t show up, or hits over time. With the mobile app, all team members can view the schedule from their phone and sync to their phone calendar automatically. The app will send shift reminders so no one forgets their shift. The scheduling feature provides managers with a reliable scheduling tool with clear visibility into time worked, time off, overtime, and more.

Homebase allows managers to see who is working and track labor costs in real-time. Teams can stay organized across shifts. A manager log allows for information tracking and the ability to put events and notes right on the schedule. Managers can send a blast message to all team members via email. Information can be shared across shifts and managers without confusion by putting important notes online, allowing them to be organized and tracked by topic and even searched and sorted by keyword or topic. With app messaging, there is no need to look for phone numbers or emails, users can message managers, the whole team, those scheduled for particular times, or an individual right in the app.  The app allows for read receipts, location, picture posting, and more.

Homebase allows businesses to easily track what is happening by keeping records of who was on staff, daily results, and even weather. A record is saved for future reference. Managers can share reports and notes, and receive daily summaries by email. Time tracking features sync in the cloud and ensure timesheets are accurate. Timesheets can be exported directly to popular payroll providers. Integration with leading POS companies is also automated.

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