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An end-to-end application lifecycle management platform
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Helix ALMProduct Overview

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Helix ALM product overview

Helix ALM, formerly known as TestTrack, is an application lifecycle management suite from Perforce for tracing requirements, tests, and issues. It enables organizations to scope, design, execute, and track the application development process. Modules and key features include issue management, project collaboration, resource management, process automation, dashboard creation, and reporting.

Helix ALM notifies developers if requirements have been tested and met, if test runs have passed (or failed), and if issues have been resolved. Also, if a requirement changes, users will know which test cases and issues will be impacted. Helix ALM ensures quality releases ship on time and compliance standards are met.

The platform covers each stage of the development process and helps reduce product development risk. It automates traceability with its modular suite of ALM tools, which is composed of Helix RM (requirements), Helix IM (issues), and Helix TCM (tests). The platform adapts to all classic development methodologies such as Agile, V-model, waterfall, spiral, and hybrid, or a custom methodology.

Helix ALM provides organizations with a single source of truth to eliminate any information silos while ensuring that all information stays accurate and up to date at all times.

Pros of Helix ALM

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  • The platform reduces product development risk by increasing visibility into project health.
  • Teams can automate traceability across all work items and data — from requirements capture and risk analysis to testing and defect resolution.

Cons of Helix ALM

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  • Some users reported that the platform’s web interface lacks some features offered in the on-premise version.

Breakdown of core features

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Requirements management

Helix ALM enables development teams to create requirements and share requirements documents to keep everyone updated. Users can perform requirements reviews and get approvals — all within the software. Teams can reuse requirements across projects.

Testing management

Users can create test cases based on requirements with Helix ALM. Then, teams can generate test runs based on those test cases. Developers can trust that the product has been thoroughly tested before it hits the market.

Issue tracking

Helix ALM lets users find and resolve bugs before the product ships. If a test run fails, the software will automatically create an issue. Users are able to track that issue through to resolution.

Traceability matrix

Teams can prove compliance by creating a traceability matrix in the platform. Users can connect requirements to test cases and issues, and Helix ALM automatically creates a trace matrix in the system. The solution lets developers compare historical data with baselines, ensuring compliance in record time.

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  • Requirements Management
  • Testing Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Automated Workflows
  • Risk Management
  • Metrics and Reports


  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Microsoft products
  • GitHub
  • Hansoft
  • IBM Rational Doors

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