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Clinically-driven electronic health record and practice management system
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Prime SuiteProduct Overview

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Prime Suite product overview

Prime Suite is a cloud-based, clinically driven electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) system from Greenway Health. The platform is customizable to suit the unique documenting, billing, and reporting needs of practices.

This integrated EHR/PM solution provides tools to capture and report clinical quality measures and other requirements for value-based programs. Clinical alerts, reminders, and reporting dashboards track compliance progress at the practice and individual provider levels.

Greenway understands the unique workflows and information needs of specialty practices. Prime Suite supports care delivery by thousands of providers across more than 30 specialties and subspecialties. Through thousands of customizable templates and other clinical tools, it empowers organizations with solutions that are proven effective for the practice yet flexible.

Pros of Prime Suite

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  • Prime Suite is a specialty-specific EHR. Whether the organization focuses on primary care, pediatrics, or OB-GYN, the solution has features tailored to the practice’s unique needs.
  • The platform allows users to complete front- and back-office tasks quickly to ensure the practice runs smoothly. It delivers a reliable billing system and clearinghouse integration.

Cons of Prime Suite

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  • According to some users, the software’s reporting functionality is lacking.
  • Others had issues with Prime Suite’s efficiency, mentioning that the system requires too many clicks to complete simple tasks.

Breakdown of core features

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Custom patient reports

The clinical library available through Prime Suite’s EHR system offers templates for more than 35 specialties, enabling faster documentation and improved tracking. Providers can build and share templates using customized documentation.

Mobile application

With Prime Mobile, medical professionals can work from phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The app allows users to accelerate care, handle after-hours calls, and manage medications on the go. Prime Mobile lets healthcare workers access o patient records, e-prescribe, and check appointment schedules — anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the mobile app has tasking features such as task views, create tasks, and reply/edit tasks Users can triage and track patients for clinical staff. The Prime Mobile App is available for Android and Apple devices.

Regulatory compliance

With Prime Suite Reporting (PSR), users can turn data into actionable information. This feature aligns the practice with models that reward the value of healthcare over the volume of patients. Medical staff can compare and trend patient and provider performance and evaluate patient populations for targeted care. Healthcare practices can also streamline regulatory compliance and program participation.

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  • Appointment Management
  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Lab Integration
  • Medical Templates
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient History
  • Patient Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Voice Recognition
  • e-Prescription


  • Clinically Speaking
  • Xenio Health
  • Abyde
  • Decision Software Systems (DSS)
  • CoverMyMeds
  • ChartCapture
  • Breg Vision
  • Demandforce
  • DJO
  • Global Payments Integrated

Pricing Model

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