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About GitHub

Roughly 40 million people use GitHub as of 2019, making it the most popular source code hosting option in the world. Microsoft acquired the company in 2018 for $7.5 billion.

GitHub primarily offers version control services for source code, providing a command-line interface for developers to use Git, the open-source version control software developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Individual software developers can use GitHub for free, but close to two million businesses also pay to use GitHub for source code hosting, issues and bug tracking, project management, collaboration, package registry, and code insights, such as traffic, commits, code frequency, and other fine-detail tools.

In addition to offering plans for small to large-sized teams, GitHub also offers an enterprise plan that gives companies two deployment options: cloud-based or on-premise. Cloud-based deployment is hosted on GitHub’s own GitHub Enterprise Cloud, which offers SAML single sign-on, a service level agreement for 99.95% monthly uptime, and faster responses for support requests. On-premise deployments must be hosted on enterprise servers.

While not a core offering, GitHub also offers a text editor called Atom and an open source framework called Electron. Electron is made for app development in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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