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GamelearnProduct Overview

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Gamelearn product overview

Gamelearn is a game-based learning platform for corporate training. It consists of a Campus, where students have access to a catalog of serious games, a powerful LMS dashboard for the L&D managers, and an authoring tool which allows clients to create their own video games and learning portals. The video games on Gamelearn Campus are grouped into two main types — those that deal with developing specific skills or address specific themes and those capable of integrating any content and wrapping it with a graphic story that engages the player. Off-the-shelf courses focus on topics like time management, communication, and conflict management, whereas customizable games can be used several times with different contents and purposes thanks to their gamification elements and engaging mechanics.

Pros of Gamelearn

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Gamelearn takes learning to the next level by ensuring greater effectiveness of training through the integration of top-quality theoretical content, advanced simulators, and gamification elements into a single format. Game-based learning is an effective counter to the high dropout rate that traditional e-learning has and reaches high completion rates thanks to the game elements and simulators.

Cons of Gamelearn

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Currently, Gamelearn is still in the process of launching Editor, their authoring tool. They’re also enlarging their serious games catalog and expect to progressively improve the LMS dashboard with more features that respond to new clients’ needs. However, these are works in progress and may require some testing to streamline.

Breakdown of core features

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Gamelearn Campus

When students log on to the Campus, they’re presented with a user-friendly interface that allows them to access all the video games necessary to complete their predetermined itinerary. You can decide which games will be made available by adjusting the user settings in the LMS.

Once a course has been completed, diplomas, accompanying documents, and reference materials will be made available. Students are also given access to the course lessons for future review. Students are given the opportunity to compete with each other in a friendly way and see their progress in real-time.

Gamelearn LMS

Gamelearn LMS is a tool for managers. Create classes, manage students, track student progress, and review all of your team’s relevant KPIs. Our LMS allows you to manage your courses, classes, and students in a stress-free way. You can create as many classes as you like and group your students by classes. This will give them access to one or more courses. This configuration allows you to control the itineraries or training programs that you offer to your students. There is also the possibility of opening up the entire catalog to them.


Gamelearn’s Campus can easily and conveniently be accessed from mobile devices, computers, or tablets. All students need is an internet connection. All serious games are available in at least four languages, and students can access courses from any device, including tablets and smartphones. Gamelearn is cloud-based and does not require software be installed.

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Quick Facts

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  • Cloud-based
  • Customer Support
  • Self-development
  • Gamification
  • Skill-based Learning
  • Corporate Training
  • Customizable
  • Document management
  • Employee Tracking
  • Open API
  • Small and medium business (up to 50 seats): $35 per seat per month
  • Enterprise (50+ seats): Contact for quote
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German