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About GameLearn

GameLearn’s gamification platform is designed to improve the soft skills of management. By using online simulators and videogames with a serious game format, they have helped students and corporations alike. GameLearn specializes in the development of personal and professional skills, and gives users personalized feedback on their in-game actions.

GameLearn embraces online learning through state of the art teaching techniques. GameLearn uses training, skills simulations, and video games in their G-Learning platform. Corporations worldwide use GameLearn to affordably bring employees together online for face-to-face training. Users create and use game avatars to practice important business skills such as negotiation and conflict resolution. To maintain competitiveness, users are ranked throughout these training simulations. Through the avatar, students and users learn business techniques and tools based on real life scenarios. GameLearn enables students to try various strategies and improve their skill through feedback without any risk. Students have access to the training program for 4 to 8 weeks. GameLearn requires no software, only an internet connection.

GameLearn has improved the critical thinking, collaboration, and negotiating skills of managers in corporations around the world. As a training platform, GameLearn has a completion rate of over 90%, with 98% of users stating the training was relevant to their work. One senior HR professional in London stated the training helped him reflect on his position as a leader, boost his self-esteem, and enhance his self-awareness. An OMS Manager in Australia stated the tools GameLearn provided helped her more effectively read between the lines of her staff’s feedback.

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