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About Future Fusion Future POS

Future Fusion is a point of sale software and retail management solutions developer. These applications are designed specifically for the hospitality industry, although Future POS, the company behind Future Fusion, designs software for a considerable range of business functions, including a driver’s license verification application and surveillance systems.

Future Fusion point of sale software operates on Microsoft’s SQL server database management system. Some of its retail management solutions include customer loyalty programs such as gift cards, secure online ordering which handles everything from purchase to delivery, and a digital signage function with which advertisements or marketing campaigns can be accurately targeted to customers. Future Fusion point of sale software is used by hospitality industry clients including bars and nightclubs, quick and table service-based restaurants and food delivery operations such as pizza shops. It is available for mobile use and also includes payment processing functions such as Tabbed Out, which allows customers to check on their tabs and pay them by using a smart phone. A security function is also available as an option. This product encrypts credit card data the very moment at which a card is swiped. By operating its software for clients in a non-proprietary manner, Future Fusion POS allows customers to focus on their businesses while also saving money that is typically associated with on-site software and hardware maintenance, upgrades and replacement.

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