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FunctionFoxProduct Overview

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FunctionFox product overview

FunctionFox is an online timesheet and project management application for creative teams. The platform tracks time and expenses and manages clients and projects. It streamlines processes with tools that allow teams to focus on work and stay creative.

FunctionFox includes timesheets and estimates, time and project reports, scheduling, task assignment, and calendars. It provides software as a service, so there is nothing to download, no software to install, and no updates to track. The software is for small to mid-sized creative teams — freelancers, agencies, and in-house groups — that want to get control of their projects, bill more hours every month, and develop a deeper understanding of their business.

Pros of FunctionFox

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  • FunctionFox focuses on simplicity. It has a straightforward user interface and an uncomplicated setup.
  • The software doesn’t require installation, support, or hardware upgrade. It gives each client with a dedicated account on a professional grade server with constant back-up, supported by an assigned IT staff.

Cons of FunctionFox

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  • The software doesn’t integrate with third-party accounting tools.

Breakdown of core features

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Team resource management

FunctionFox offers instant access to the team’s availability and capacity to take on more work. It enables making better long-term decisions and avoids work overload for team members. Additionally, the software presents clear information about workload, capacity, and availability to make planning easier.

Time tracking

The platform’s time tracking tools take the guesswork out of managing clients and projects. Freelancers and entire teams can start capturing every billable minute with FunctionFox. They can also track billable and non-billable tasks and get insight into the team’s efficiency.

Online project request forms

Customizable project submission forms enable users to centralize receiving requests. Teams can gather all the requirements and documents from the start and prevent projects from slipping through the cracks. The software establishes one method for receiving new project requests to improve internal planning, keep multiple projects on track, and reduce departmental communication breakdowns.

Project management

FunctionFox delivers time tracking and project management tools to monitor projects, forecast workloads, and enhance team communication. Its task and action assignments feature shows who can take on more work, who already works flat out, and which projects need extra resources. It also has user-friendly production schedules, calendars, project email alerts, and progress reports to keep everything on track.

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Quick Facts

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    All Industries
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    Mid Sized Businesses, Small Sized Businesses





  • Time and Project Tracking
  • Estimates and Budgets
  • Reports
  • Project Schedules and Gantt Charts
  • Task and Action Assignments
  • Internal Communication Boards
  • Online Request Forms
  • Project Management


  • Microsoft Excel

Pricing Model

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  • Premier
  • In-House


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