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Freshdesk ArcadeProduct Overview

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Freshdesk Arcade product overview

Freshdesk Arcade is a helpdesk gamification platform from Freshdesk. This cloud-based solution breaks the monotony of customer support agents with social games and quests. With this gamification tool, organizations can turn the boring, fire-fighting role of supporting customers into an exciting and collaborative game for every help desk agent.

For support agents using Freshdesk Arcade, every new ticket represents an opportunity to collect points in their support game. Agents earn points for achievements like fast ticket resolutions, issues resolved during the first call, and high customer satisfaction ratings.

Freshdesk Arcade also allows support teams to create specific games aligned to their business goals through quests. Support managers can offer agents additional points or special badges for updating the knowledge base with new solutions or stepping on the pedal and clearing the ticket backlog. By creating new quests, managers can encourage their teams to focus their support efforts on the areas that need the most attention while rewarding them for successful behavior.

Pros of Freshdesk Arcade

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  • It makes support exciting by turning the helpdesk into a game. It lets agents complete tasks to earn points, level up, win rewards and work towards achievements they want to unlock.
  • With the Leaderboard, managers can understand the team’s performance better. They can identify the top performers and find out the ones who might need a bit more guidance.

Cons of Freshdesk Arcade

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  • Users need to upgrade to the highest pricing tiers to access some extended features of the software.

Breakdown of core features

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Freshdesk Arcade ranks every agent in the team at different levels based on their score. The more points they earn by resolving tickets and performing other helpdesk activities, the higher they climb up the ladder. The Admin gets to choose how many points an agent needs to score in order to reach a particular level. Admins can also start agents off at levels higher than Beginner.


The software lets companies turn ordinary, everyday tasks into Quests to promote meaningful learning and improvement. Quests represent performance goals that drive agents towards performing activities that benefit the brand. Agents can also go on specific Quests managers set them on, and earn badges of honor right off the dashboard. Admins can also create business-specific quests to encourage agents to actively engage with customers on forums or social media.


The more points and quests the agents complete, the more trophies and badges they win every month. There are four trophies in Freshdesk Arcade, each based on different criteria: Most Valuable Player, Customer ‘Wow’ Champion, Sharpshooter, and Speed Racer. The agent with the most overall points wins the Most Valuable Player, while the agent with the maximum Customer Satisfaction points gets the Customer ‘Wow’ Champion. The Sharpshooter award is for the agent with the highest First Call Resolution points, and the Speed Racer award is for the agent with the maximum points for Fast Resolution.


Freshdesk Arcade allows Support Managers to give agents points for solving tickets within an hour, with bonus points if the ticket is closed after only one agent interaction. The agent earns additional points if the customer is happy (determined by the Satisfaction Survey). Freshdesk Arcade also enables managers to penalize agents for solving tickets past their SLA and for having unhappy customers.

(Last updated on 06/29/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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