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About Freshdesk Arcade

Freshdesk Arcade is a support desk platform that uses gamification technology to motivate customer service representatives. Integrating game mechanics into customer support helps businesses achieve their goals while providing customers with an entertaining support service experience. The purpose of Freshdesk Arcade is to promote a positive environment for both customer support agents and consumers by applying game elements to transform support tickets into points.

Freshdesk Arcade uses a rewards system to improve customer service in areas like speed, quality and number of responses that allows clients to set scores and define ratings for each specific category. Friendly competition is encouraged through the leaderboard, which tracks the representatives with the most points and determines what rewards they receive. These rewards include trophies for the fastest, sharpest, and happiest representatives. Business goals can be set and completed by developing new challenges for additional ratings and badges. Productivity and positive attitudes are maintained through Freshdesk Arcade by incorporating a little fun into every workday. Real-time information keeps customer service representatives knowledgeable about incoming and resolved tickets, while automated responses created from pre-formatted reply templates answer frequently asked questions online.

Freshdesk Arcade is helping companies improve their relationships with customers through optimized customer service. Since its launch, this gamification platform has been used by businesses and charitable organizations to improve all aspects of their customer support service. In just a short period of time, customers were reporting better support service while representatives reported less stress and a more comfortable work environment. The companies using Freshdesk Arcade also experienced less turnaround and greater productivity.

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