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IFS Field Service ManagementProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of IFS Field Service Management
  3. Cons of IFS Field Service Management
  4. Breakdown of core features

IFS Field Service Management product overview

IFS provides enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and field service management software to businesses, fueling growth. Its Field Service Management solution caters to companies focused on service, projects, and assets.

IFS Field Service Management optimizes workforce efficiency and boosts service revenues. It empowers businesses to engage customers, empower employees, and develop assets. Moreover, the software maximizes profitable service-based revenue streams across the service lifecycle. It brings service management tools from field service management with workforce scheduling and planning to mobile field service and remote assistance capabilities.

IFS Field Service Management also has features for intelligent planning and scheduling optimization, reverse logistics, depot repair, and warranty management. It includes customer and partner portals and omnichannel customer engagement and support.

Pros of IFS Field Service Management

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  • It increases service margins by reducing costs in multiple areas, including spare part spend, travel time, costs and emissions, overtime costs, and subcontractors.
  • It promotes technician utilization with AI-powered planning and scheduling improvement. Technicians can do more jobs at the right time, maximizing capacity.

Cons of IFS Field Service Management

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  • The platform offers limited training materials.

Breakdown of core features

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Mobile workforce management

IFS Field Service Management enables businesses to balance the demands of asset inspections and maintenance with mobile workforce management for timely customer service request delivery. It empowers field workers to focus on customer service through the digital transformation of their core processes.

Workflow automation

The software automates workflows for real-time operation and safer workers. It allows companies to unify processes from the back office and dispatch centers to field workers. Additionally, it uses automated and digital workflows to plan workforce capacity and schedules in advance. Users can analyze and respond to situations at the moment and eliminate time-consuming paperwork.

Workforce planning and scheduling

IFS Field Service Management’s AI-optimized workforce planning feature amplifies first-time-fix and customer satisfaction. Technicians can offer appointment slots during the booking process that suit the business. They can also align appointment times around existing committed work and business rules and constraints, like costs to perform, SLAs, and weighted value to the business.

The software’s target-based scheduling allows users to give enhanced customer service and value by focusing on business KPIs, like the percentage of the emergency calls responded to in the target SLA.

Service contract management

With the platform, companies can execute contracts from initial pricing and quoting to billing and automatic renewals. Organizations can accurately model and manage commercial relationships. IFS Field Service Management reduces revenue leakage by delivering to contracted service levels and correctly handling warranty claims.

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  • Field service management
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Workforce scheduling and planning
  • Contact center and customer engagement
  • Contracts & warranties
  • Service logistics & repair


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  • Criterion
  • CADTalk
  • Pagero
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Help Lightning
  • Field Nation
  • Power BI


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