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FetcherProduct Overview

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Fetcher product overview

Fetcher is a full-service recruiting automation software for repetitive tasks including sourcing, candidate outreach and follow-up, and applicant sorting. The AI-powered solution learns company candidate preferences and sorts applicants within these parameters.

Fetcher’s candidate sourcing functionality automatically finds candidates based on job descriptions and initial feedback. The Chrome sourcing extension enables the capture of candidate information from the web with a single click. Users can also leave qualitative feedback on candidate profiles. Outreach tools allow users to create automated email follow-ups and custom email sequences to keep candidates engaged. Recruitment teams can personalize all email messaging for the specific candidate and position. The reminders tab helps users stay on top of candidate responses and ensure successful sending of replies.

Fetcher provides users with insight into their team hiring performance and ROI for each role with up-to-date analytics. Key outreach metrics give a snapshot of success throughout the hiring funnel. The team dashboard allows users to understand both team and individual performance to identify best practices and optimize hiring results.

Pros of Fetcher

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  • Fetcher combines AI and human-in-the-loop insights to deliver top candidates.
  • Users can send personalized engagement and re-engagement emails on behalf of clients with just a few clicks.
  • The platform’s AI can automatically detect when a candidate responds to an email and whether or not they are interested in the opportunity.

Cons of Fetcher

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  • Fetcher is a powerful sourcing tool, but it is not a database where all potential candidates are served up immediately. It does take time (a few days) and some effort to provide feedback on each batch of candidates in order to optimize the algorithm.
  • For organizations with large teams of sourcers, Fetcher may be redundant because it does the sourcing work automatically.

Breakdown of core features

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Candidate sourcing

Fetcher provides automated candidate sourcing through its AI plus human-in-the-loop insights. Recruitment teams can upload a job description or fill in a few fields to indicate their preferences. Within a day or two, Fetcher will serve up the first batch of qualified candidates. Recruiters can give qualitative feedback with a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and add any comments regarding the candidate to help the AI continue to learn their preferences. Users can manually source candidates and add them into a campaign or ATS with one click with the Chrome extension.

Profile directories

The software includes profile directories that house all candidate profiles in one place. Teams can filter through every profile by keywords, skills, locations, company experience, and specific searches that candidates have been added to, either by Fetcher or manually through the Chrome Extension. From the directory, users can create email campaigns to connect with any of the candidates at any time.

Personalized email

Recruitment teams can create a personalized email sequence for each open role with Fetcher’s automated outreach. Users can set the outreach and follow-up emails to go out from anyone in the organization to help increase open and interest rates. Teams can create standard response templates for interested and uninterested candidates to save time crafting replies.


Fetcher enables teams to measure their success with full pipeline analytics. Teams can see the number of candidates contacted, open and response rates, and interest rates for each open role and across searches. The team dashboard allows recruitment teams to track individual and team performance, collaborate on best practices, and optimize results across all users. Fetcher’s diversity analytics lets teams understand the overall gender and ethnicity makeup of their candidate pipeline so you can continue to adjust and improve your sourcing and outreach accordingly.

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  • Automated candidate sourcing
  • Comprehensive and searchable profile directory
  • Personalized automated outreach
  • Analytics


  • Greenhouse
  • Lever
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Gmail
  • Outlook


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