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About FancyFon FAMOC

FancyFon Mobility Center (FAMOC) is a mobile device management (MDM) system available both in Europe and the US. This unique system is designed primarily for larger enterprises, and is mostly used by service providers, government organizations, and other large companies. It offers extremely secure mobile management solutions that helps improve business mobility, streamline administrative functions, and maintain data security.

FAMOC supports a variety of different mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and RIM, making it excellent for larger organizations who are considering a switch to BYOD or diversifying their device choices. The system offers an incredible wealth of information about the devices on a company’s network, including an action log, location information, and software introspection. The FAMOC system operates from a single, web-based point of control. It is designed to integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure and allows for bulk importing of users. It offers security features such as unified passcode policies, remote data wipes, and the ability to blacklist applications. IT administrators can even set device restrictions on functionality in order to restrict web browser access or camera usage.

A US government agency recently required an unparalleled level of security for its mobile device infrastructure. FancyFon was chosen as the company to protect its extremely sensitive data on thousands of mobile devices. By allowing the government agency to control the mobile environment, FAMOC successfully minimized the risk typically associated with having sensitive data on mobile devices.

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