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About Blueforce Software

Blueforce, from EPAY Systems, is a complete time and labor management system suitable for any business. Blueforce can easily conform to a myriad of labor needs, compliance requirements, and working environments. 

The cloud-based Blueforce system can mix and match a variety of time tracking devices and processes, depending on the specific needs of your company. Blueforce was designed especially for companies with a distributed workforce, and is a market leader in mobile/GPS time tracking for smartphones and tablets. 

In addition to the time tracking module, the system includes a labor budgeting module that helps plan payroll expenses and can alert users when a budget is nearing a target broken down by site, client, or task. Blueforce also includes an employee scheduling module that allows employees to  view their schedules remotely and can match worker skills with site or project needs. All of these systems are tied in to a custom, self-service reporting module that can filter reports by a variety of criteria, including job sites, individual employees, departments, segments, and many more. 

Blueforce is flexible enough to be implemented in any industry and at companies of all sizes, but is most appropriate for companies with distributed or decentralized workforces, especially those in the business services, healthcare, construction, transportation, and hospitality industries. 

Interstate Cleaning Corporation (ICC) is a janitorial services firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. With over 2500 employees servicing hundreds of client locations across the country, ICC was struggling to track employee time and attendance with outdated, manual timecards. Out of a desire to be able to manage labor on a real-time basis, Executive Vice President Philip Gaudy selected BlueforceTM because “it was one of the few systems that operated in real time.” Since implementation, ICC’s employees are now able to punch in from any phone, and the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology collects the live timecard data and instantly uploads it to Blueforce. Within 2 weeks, there was 100 percent buy-in, and tardiness levels have decreased across the board. The system deters  99 percent of time theft, and helps ICC maintain compliance with varying state and federal labor laws. The payroll administration team was reduced from 8 employees to 2, yet the company has continued to see substantial growth. According to Gaudy, the mechanized time tracking gives ICC “an edge” due to the increased productivity, and ICC’s clients appreciate the “peace of mind” that the Blueforce system provides. 

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