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Enablon is Enterprise Risk Management software focused on finding integrated solutions for risk identification, assessment, and reduction. The solution enables companies to implement “top-down” and “bottom-up” risk management processes according to particular organizations, practices, and methodologies. 

Users can manage life cycle risks through the Enablon platform, which is designed to ensure a global, company-wide approach to risk management, from risk identification to reporting. Users can work beyond risk treatment to focus on key processes, including mitigation needs, in order to reduce potential impacts while maintaining optimal ROI. The ERM platforms enables users to perform through Operational Risk Control workflows. Team members can monitor risks at all management levels, and automatically generate reports and use off-the-shelf reporting templates to achieve a company-wide overview of key risks.

Mangers can monitor risk through project life cycles using an platform integrated with the ISO 31000 standard, which identifies all risks across the company. Features include risk identification, reporting, application integration, evaluation methodologies, over-time assessment, real-time feedback, breakdown of risks by stakeholders, bow-tie analysis, KRI monitoring, fully configurable risk matrices, inherent risk, residual risk, targeted risk and control effectiveness ratings, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, and more.

Team members can monitor risk management actions at any management level, aggregate risk information from different entities, use off the shelf reporting templates, and gain instant visibility on high-level risks through matrix and bubble chart reports. Enablon allows its users to leverage multiple risk treatment and performance management possibilities, regarding events, audits, insurance, EHS, supply chain, corporate governance, sustainability projects, etc. Users identify and capture risk information through the Enablon interview process. 

Enablon Go Safety is a native mobile app that allows workers to report events, and sends safety alerts and notifications in real-time. This mobile platform empowers workers to complete inspections from anywhere and at anytime. The Internal Audit is a solution which allows companies to computerize and automate all auditing activities and make them more reliable. The Insurance and Claims solution helps companies manage and monitor insurance policies, control costs and reduce risk impacts. The Enablon Incident/Event Management solution is designed to meet all incident and event reporting, management and monitoring needs. Continuous Assessment is a control management and monitoring solution designed to fulfill the specific needs of internal control in financial institutions.

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