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About Saigun EmpXtrack

Saigun Technologies has been a provider of HR software solutions for 10 years. They are driven to become the leader in talent management software. Their solutions are geared towards businesses of all sizes, and they help to automate HR operations. They have designed their HR software to be modular and customizable, ensuring that it is the best value possible for any business. Customer service is very important to Saigun Technologies, as is ensuring the success of your business through the use of their talent management software solutions.

Saigun’s EmpXtrack is a fully customizable HR software that allows you to make sure that you’re filling your business’s needs completely. This talent management software helps plan recruiting and performance management, grows and develops employees, controls workflow, and much more. This comprehensive HR solution allows you to analyze your employee strengths and weaknesses, build on that data and make long-term strategic decisions about employee career planning and development. EmpXtrack talent management solutions are being used by more than 300 customers across 21 countries, improving the productivity and job satisfaction of over 150,000 employees daily. EmpXtrack fully automates the processes controlled by an HR software, and makes running a business more cost effective and efficient. Self-service modules such as leave, travel and expenses, claims, time sheet and help desk cut costs by allowing employees to access data, freeing HR staff time. It is cloud-based, and manages the entire life cycle of your employee base, creating a more organized flow and generating important data. With Saigun’s support and customer service, implementing and using EmpXtrack is simple.

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