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emfluence Marketing PlatformProduct Overview

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emfluence Marketing Platform product overview

Whether you’re launching your own digital campaigns, managing a brand across a network of franchises, or creating campaigns for your book of business, you can leverage the emfluence Marketing Platform for email automation, social media management, reporting, and more. Build surveys, landing pages, and forms, and track website traffic and engagement with reporiting. Emfluence is designed for digital marketers to launch campaigns, managing a brand across a network of franchises, and create campaigns for their book of business.

Pros of emfluence Marketing Platform

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The emfluence Marketing Platform is ideal for marketers who want to be actively engaged in the direction and feature development of their marketing automation software. The designers behind emfluence believe that software is the easy part, so they also produce strategy guidance, inspiration guides, and more to help marketers understand the best ways to leverage marketing automation for their business.

Cons of emfluence Marketing Platform

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While they do have direction integrations to Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, their integrations to many other software tools are handled through Zapier or through an open API.

Breakdown of core features

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Email Marketing

The emfluence Marketing Platform offers three types of emails (manual, automated, and transactional) with opportunities to personalize anything from images to snippets of text, layouts, timing, and more in a drag-and-drop email builder. Their workflow canvas lets you create automated email campaigns with the ability to branch email journeys based on opens, clicks, and dozens of engagement-based triggers. The email tools also offer out-of-the-box preflight testing tools, including access to Email on Acid, for testing design, personalization, spam warnings, and deliverability. A/B test up to five versions of your email or subject line with automated delivery of the winning version. Plus, take advantage of their Query Builder to build automated campaigns around website visits, custom fields, contact scores, behavior and more.

Landing Pages

The emfluence Marketing Platform offers a drag-and-drop landing page builder that saves your favorite designs, themes, layouts and more. Build complex landing pages with lead generation forms (that can even capture progressive capture so you can learn more about your landing page visitors each time they fill out a form), turn landing pages into light box or pop-up modals for your website, and personalize landing pages for prospects visiting from a variety of sources, including email campaigns and direct mail campaigns.

Social Media

Build out your social media strategy across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using their drag-and-drop Marketing Calendar. Plan for campaigns or for lengths of time, coordinate social posts alongside scheduled emails and external events (like sales calls, trade shows, or direct mail campaigns) and collaborate with team members or users in other departments to ensure your communications are efficiently planned.

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  • Marketing Automation
  • Drag & Drop Email Marketing
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Management
  • Surveys
  • Landing Pages
  • Form Builders
  • Automated Reporting
  • Website Tracking
  • Light Boxes and Modals
  • Variable Content & Personalization
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • Email on Acid
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google Analytics
  • ChannelMix
  • Zapier
  • Return Path
  • Nifty Images
  • WordPress
  • TapClicks
  • Contact for quote