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About eMee

Based in India, eMee entered the gamification market in 2010. The company has since partnered with hundreds of businesses and organizations looking for solutions to address employee engagement, low morale, and low productivity. eMee currently works with clients in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the US.

eMee’s offers businesses a robust gamification software package. By providing consulting and support around industry-specific issues, eMee’s gamification solutions are designed to match the specialty of each client, whether it’s for sales, training, or marketing. EMee provides gamified intranet portals for large enterprises, services for eLearning that businesses can use for enhancing their training programs, services to implement a gamified eCommerce strategy, social media integration with gamification campaigns, and more. Additionally, eMee designs CRM gamification software that integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce. This company will even work with clients to take existing training or sales content and transform it into gamified content or apps. All of eMee’s gamification services are mobile-ready and cross-platform capable. eMee has also developed a gamification API, which makes integrating their services into your existing products and offerings quick and intuitive.

Last year, TCabs in India partnered with eMee to implement a gamification program to promote and grow a cab miles program. EMee’s gamification solution has helped retain current customers for TCabs as well as attract thousands more by creating brand ambassadors out of existing customers. Utilizing eMee, TCabs implemented a gamification solution that simultaneously enhanced their customers’ experience and grew their customer base.

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