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About E2 Shop System

From practical experience of having worked in job shops during the 1980s, Shoptech Software’s founding partners identified the need for manufacturing software that could not only determine profits from one job to the next but coordinate the many aspects of running a shop using an integrated computer application. Shoptech’s E2 Shop System is the all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) software the company’s founders developed. This manufacturing software package features the ability to make a detailed quote for a potential vendor or customer including information related to the corresponding estimate, or generate a quick, less-detailed quote in order to satisfy any immediate, basic concerns customers may have. The E2 Shop System also includes manufacturing scheduling software. This application helps clients to avoid bottlenecks on the production line or with machinery. The manufacturing scheduling software component can also display shop  information organized by machine or employee over adjustable periods of time. The E2 Shop System’s manufacturing accounting software is seamlessly compatible with QuickBooks. Additionally, the E2 system maintains QuickBooks’ Gold Certification. Its accounting software’s functions also include analysis of cash flow and finances, payroll, general ledger entry and accounts payable/receivable. The manufacturing inventory software component of the E2 system allows for automatic generation of orders from quotes, can track changes in due dates and adjust to accommodate them, and it also includes one-click production of job packets, including material lists. LT Enterprises has used the E2 Shop System system for eight years. The company has been able to easily use the system for a wide variety of uses from Human Resources management to financial accountability. Even when there is a change in employment, LT Enterprises has been able to easily train new employees to use the software in less than a day because of the user-friendly layout of the software. The E2 Shop System has been paramount in their success.

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