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Dundas BIfrom Dundas Data Visualization, is a browser-based business intelligence (BI) and data visualization platform that includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics. It provides end-users the ability to create interactive, customizable dashboards, build their own reports, run ad-hoc queries, and analyze/drill-down into their data and performance metrics, regardless of programming experience. 

With Dundas BI, users get a flexible BI platform that enables people — with varying roles, skill levels and needs — within an organization to gain more insight from their corporate data. By providing the ability to easily create personalized dashboards, reports, and analytics workflows, more people from across the entire organization will have access to the data they need to make accurate, fact-based decisions.

The Dundas BI platform allows users to connect and integrate with any data source in real-timeand on any device. With the touch-based interface and responsive design, users can create and view dashboards and/or reports on all their devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Dundas BI can support companies with varying deployment sizes and operating across multiple industry verticals. The software was designed to provide quick, seamless integration with their programmable, open API platform, offering .NET, REST, and JavaScript APIs. Organizations can customize and pair specific APIs to meet their operational needs. Built-in connectivity and out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft technologies allow most businesses to quickly connect their data to the platform and start drawing meaningful insights.

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1 Domo

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Build a modern business, driven by data. Connect to any data source to bring your data together into one unified view, then make analytics available to drive insight-based actions—all while maintaining security and control. Domo serves enterprise customers in all industries looking to manage their entire organization from a single platform.

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Wyn Enterprise is a seamless embedded business intelligence platform that provides BI reporting, interactive dashboards, distribution tools, multitenancy, & white-labeling in any internal or commercial app. Built for self-service BI, Wyn offers limitless visual data exploration, creating a data-driven mindset for the everyday user. Wyn's scalable, server-based licensing model allows room for your business to grow without user fees or limits on data size.

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3 Zoho Analytics

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Finding it difficult to analyze your data which is present in various files, apps, and databases? Sweat no more. Create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, all within minutes. Visually analyze your data with cool looking reports and dashboards. Track your KPI metrics. Make your decisions based on hard data. Sign up free for Zoho Analytics.

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4 Ortto

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Ortto is an Australian-founded global marketing platform. They have empowered over 11,000 companies with their software. Ortto allows online businesses to unify their customer data with a CDP, segment key audiences across the customer lifecycle, activate these audiences with personalized, omnichannel experiences, and analyze their business for growth with a powerful suite of BI tools. Teams at Microsoft, Typeform, LiveChat, Greenpeace and Patreon create remarkable customer journeys with Ortto.

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5 Tableau

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Tableau specializes in making beautiful visualizations, but much of their advertising is focused on corporate environments with data engineers and bigger budgets. There’s a public (free) version of the tool, but with limited capabilities. The more you pay the more you can access with Tableau, including benchmarked data from third parties. The software also has a non-profit tool and versions for academic settings.

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