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About Daylite

Daylite is a CRM system designed especially for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Daylite CRM was developed by Marketcircle, a Toront0-based software firm that’s been creating apps for Apple products since 1999. 

Daylite helps manage your contacts, calendar, tasks, emails, notes, projects, and new business opportunities — all on a single platform. At-a-glance monitoring of upcoming meetings, follow-up touches, due dates, and other tasks is all done from the Daylite Home Screen, meaning you don’t have to dig through multiple interfaces to get the information you need. Furthermore, Daylite offers native integration with Apple Mail, which means you can save emails, schedule a meeting, or set a follow-up reminder in Daylite without ever leaving your inbox.

The client-focused design also helps you stay organized; each entry includes a timeline of every email, note, call, meeting, project, and sales opportunity relevant to that client, helping keep you and your team organized and able to remember every detail. It also helps you build targeted lists for routine follow-ups or email marketing; easily build customer segments and auto-update follow-up lists with the powerful filtering tools that let you set multiple criteria. 

In addition to a number of native integrations with popular business and productivity software tools, Marketcircle and various third-party developers also offers a number of add-on products for Daylite, including accounting, digital asset management, time and budget,  and many more. Perhaps one of the best features of Daylite is its delivery — the hybrid cloud/installed model means you don’t need an Internet connection to access or update information on your device. Once a connection is restored, Daylite will sync your device with the cloud back-end, updating the relevant information for all users. 

Daylite is trusted by professionals including consultants, lawyers, designers, real estate agents, photographers, and many others who require a platform that manages both projects and people. Track your client communications, schedule meetings, prioritize tasks, and close more deals with Daylite. 

We recommend Daylite to any organization that’s exclusively using Apple computers and devices, but especially project-based businesses that need to track tasks as well as customer interactions. 

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