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About CRMGamified

CRMGamified is a gamification add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRMGamified pushes engagement and uses common game mechanics like badges, levels, leader boards, and real-time feedback. CRMGamified provides entertainment solutions to increase the ROI of Microsoft Dynamics CRM investments. This CRM add-on applies automatic rewards for work activity and does not require any additional applications.

CRMGamified data remains contained with your CRM system and can easily be used in high-security work environments. As a gamification platform, CRMGamified rewards and records activity such as closing opportunities, generating leads, and achieving sales quota. A system of rewards like badges, points, levels, and more keeps employees engaged while also tracking every operation. The rewards generated for work can be fully customized and provide administrators with additional information on how employees use CRM and complete work. Utilizing a social web dynamic and featuring user-friendly design, CRMGamified lets administrators and managers intuitively create friendly competition between teams. The statistics gathered by CRMGamified are easy to export and analyze, making this software a good solution for helping businesses track productivity and get better results over time.

Businesses recognize the value of real-time feedback as well as the new generation of employees’ openness to a gaming environment where they are ranked and compared to others. CRMGamified has provided call center solutions for some of the United States’ largest companies, and the interactive gamification add-ons have improved productivity and encouraged better work behavior. The companies report less employee attrition and improved customer experience.

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