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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Crazy Egg

Founded in 2006, Crazy Egg helps its customers determine what visitors are doing at their site. Displayed in heatmaps, the information shows where the visitors clicked. Crazy Egg’s heatmap facilitates collection of much more data than can be gleaned through the eye-tracking process, and involves no hardware.

Crazy Egg technology enables click-tracking, pinpointing of hotspots, and the ability to see where visitors stop scrolling. It also connects clicks with traffic types. An ideal solution for web managers, UI designers and digital marketers wanting to optimize their ability to track visitors, Crazy Egg offers more functionality than Google Analytics. Heatmapping technology provides an understanding of what the users want and do on your site by visually displaying their clicks. You can see the activity on page hotspots so you can identify any needed changes to your website design. The overlays let you see the amount of visitors clicking and where they click. By tracking how far through the page the users scroll, you can identify when their attention disappears. Not only can you track visitors with Crazy Egg, but you can also track traffic sources to specific behaviors, such as the page landing associated with a keyword, or what traffic referred from Facebook does at your site. Crazy Egg offers a free trial. Trusted by many web leaders, it is a fantastic tool that identifies opportunities to optimize your website design.

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