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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Banking / Accounting / Financial, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Legal, Retail and Wholesale, Sales
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About ContractRoom

ContractRoom is a cloud-based business services software that provides collaboration and communication to contract management. Users transform hard-copy documents into data-based collaboration systems that can be cross-adjusted in the agreement building process. 

Multi-party navigation allows users to collaborate both online and off with internal team members or external counter-parties. Approved users can collaborate on terms and text while capturing transaction data, both the final contract results and through the entire process. Define collaborative editing rules and deploy pre-approved legal content (“dynamic playbook”) to expedite agreement-building and approvals. When terms are agreed and contract is complete, both parties can sign electronically via ContractRoom system, or integrate with a third-party e-Signature tool.

The cloud-based platform enables users to import and capture data from agreements executed offline. User controls allow managers to automate and assign tasks that must take place before, during or after a contract is negotiated and executed. ContractRoom time tracking features automatically push users so as to guarantee tasks are performed on time, on budget and on spec, while providing full visibility of the entire process.  After a contract is completed, users can launch amendments and link via parent/child mapping. Automated reminders are set to keep managers in the loop on renewal, negotiation and expiration dates. Utilize the native agreement calendar or integrate with preferred platform, such as Outlook, Gmail and Calendar. 

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