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About Aptean Compiere ERP

Founded in 2012, Aptean specializes in enterprise application software, with an emphasis on customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for industry-specific applications. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aptean has additional offices across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. With more than 9,000 clients located all around the globe, the company builds its offerings specifically for various target industries and is considered by many to be at the forefront of the enterprise application search (EAS) and ERP market. Their focus on flexible and customized ERP solutions ensures that clients get the features they need without relying on overly-specific, inflexible ERP services that will be difficult and expensive to upgrade.

Designed specifically for the needs of midsize wholesale and retail distributors, Compiere ERP software by Aptean is a highly customized and flexible ERP solution that allows companies to extend the core functions to fit their specific needs; Compiere is designed to grow with your company without requiring expensive upgrades. Compiere ERP can easily integrate with other systems, is cloud-ready, and features out-of-the-box functionality, allowing companies that don’t need a custom solution to begin seeing benefits right away. Feature highlights include: a warehouse management system (WMS), web store, management dashboards, and manufacturing and order management. Compiere ERP also includes globally-capable financials, multi-language capability, and workflow management, all while being implementable on multiple sites. Its extendable core functionality ensures this open source ERP will fit your specific needs and processes upon implementation, as well as allowing for layout changes and new features to be added at a future date, making its deployment not only economical, but also scalable along with the pace of your business.

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