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About Comindware Tracker

Comindware, an innovative software development firm, was founded by CEO Max Tsypliaev, previously of Acronis, a cloud storage company. Comindware’s products include: Project, Tracker, and Team Network.

Comindware Tracker is a no-code software that can be implemented as a standalone project tracking tool, or it can be deployed alongside Project or Team Network to provide a more comprehensive solution to project management processes. Comindware Tracker excels at building processes and templates for business process management, and supports various roles and departments, including IT operations, finance, administration, human resources, marketing, sales, and much more. Comindware Tracker can be used for approval and change management, customer request management, issue and bug tracking, task management, and more. It allows you to build workflows in a wireframe-like web-based interface with no programming skills required — simply drag-and-drop various elements.

Perhaps the best aspect of Comindware Tracker is its robust API — Comindware Tracker can be integrated with nearly any legacy system, allowing users to create a single portal for managing all of the data and functions of various systems, including CRM, ERP, Accounting, and others.

Comindware Tracker has been implemented, reviewed, and awarded by entities including Gazprom,, The Graphies, and more. Citing its MS Outlook-like appearance and pre-integrations with Outlook and SharePoint, multiple reviews and testimonials call Comindware Tracker a perfect workflow management tool for any business familiar with Microsoft platforms.

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