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b.Open, the company behind the Comidor PM platform, is a Greek company founded in 2004.  The company first began in the high tech industry, producing a platform for the Vehicle Technical Control industry.  Since 2008, they have shifted their focus to cloud computing, providing Software as a Service (SaaS) for information systems management, CRM, ERP, project management, business intelligence (BI), and others.

Comidor is a suite of solutions that allows for the improvement of project management and collaboration within a business.  b.Open offers all of their solutions through the cloud.  Comidor PM allows for easy collaboration between team members with unlimited, integrated email accounts within the system, as well as user accounts and groups.  Groups can communicate with each other via email, instant messages, and video messages. This streamlined approach to communication allows team members to stay abreast of what the rest of their team is accomplishing. Through this system, users can also communicate with each other through an interactive calendar, where they can schedule events and and tasks for themselves, and assign other users to those tasks. Analytics can be viewed and digested through customizable reports that are shareable across groups and users. Beyond the reports, team leaders and users can assess a project in real time with Comidor’s “Echo” model, that allows for instant viewing of team progress. Progress can also be tracked through Comidor’s intuitive Gantt chart. Team leaders can monitor and schedule workloads, deliverables, and set milestones, and can assign schedules to teams and users. After schedules and tasks have been assigned, managers can use burndown charts to immediately visualize deviations in projects, allowing them to take quicker action to remedy any setbacks.

Egnatia Odos S.A. was using various different project management solutions across their various different construction sites. These systems were not able to effectively integrate with each other, making communication and collaboration between sites difficult.  Egnatia Odos turned to Comidor PM to solve their project management needs.  After just two days of training, project managers at Egnatia Odos felt confident that they could utilize Gantt charts, collaboration channels, and document management to streamline their work forces. The result of this implementation was greater project transparency, and vastly improved communication across the company.

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