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About ClinicTracker Connect

ClinicTracker Connect, from JAG Products, was developed specifically to aid the management of larger mental and behavioral health clinics, in an inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory, or hospital setting.

The ClinicTracker Connect software is a comprehensive, whole-practice management tool. It manages patient charts, notes, and other documentation in addition to billing, scheduling, and other operational or logistical concerns. ClinicTracker Connect even includes a full-featured patient portal, and supports online appointment management, online bill pay, and patient education resources alongside the Meaningful Use-required secure messaging and view/download/transmit requirements. It even allows your patients to have a fully portable medical record, easily disseminating documentation in C-CDA format to a patient’s email securely from within the ClinicTracker Connect system. There are several pre-built integrations with common support systems, and ClinicTracker Connect even supports integration with accounting tools for nonprofit agencies and Microsoft MapPoint for your mobile providers. The system can be installed on an on-premise server or via a vendor-hosted cloud deployment, allowing you the flexibility to choose what best fits your clinic. Support both pre- and post-implementation is delivered in person, online, and in a classroom setting, and custom training programs to support your clinic can be designed and implemented for reasonable fees. 

With 15 years on the market and deployments in 22 states, ClinicTracker Connect is trusted by agencies and organizations operating in every aspect of the mental and behavioral health services field. To discuss ClinicTracker Connect and discover how it, or a comparable system will fit your unique needs, call, click or email to speak with one of our Technology Advisors for a  no-cost, no-obligation consultation. 

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