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About Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is business intelligence software from ANA-DATA. Marketed as a “self-service” business intelligence solution, Clear Analytics is designed to be used by anyone in the organization; no manual or programming knowledge is required.

Clear Analytics makes the claim that their software can “make everyone in the organization a power analyst.” They support this claim with their easy-to-use interface that allows powerful data analysis, governance, and audit tracking from directly within a familiar system: Microsoft Excel. Since ANA-DATA is a gold-level Microsoft Partner for application development, Clear Analytics’ integration with Microsoft Excel is completely seamless, and allows users to “amplify the analysis tool [they] already know.” One of the most innovative functions of Clear Analytics is their ‘Data Share’ capability. ‘Data Share’ solves one of the biggest problems with using Excel as a data analysis platform; unlike standard Excel, Clear Analytics-enabled Excel with ‘Data Share’ allows multiple users to access and maintain information in a single spreadsheet. The data can be accessed simultaneously, and Clear Analytics maintains version control, updating the data in real-time for all users. Clear Analytics does this because the ‘Data Share’ function shares data instead of spreadsheets, allowing multiple sheets to be maintained in multiple locations and by multiple users. Any business that relies primarily on spreadsheets will appreciate the increased ability to share, protect, and manage the seemingly ever-growing amount of data in their spreadsheets.

A large, NYC-based asset management firm was looking for a business intelligence solution. They faced two main challenges, both of which the software would be expected to solve: manual pulling of data from disparate sources for daily report generation, and error-prone archives and maintenance with no audit ability.Clear Analytics was considered alongside a $4 million data warehouse business intelligence deployment, but eventually Clear Analytics won out thanks to its balance of cost/benefits. Since deploying Clear Analytics, the asset manager automates data extraction from internal and external systems for all departments, including sales, HR, accounting, management, risk, and operations. New data sources are incorporated within a matter of hours, and even more time is saved with the report scheduling and automation enabled by Clear Analytics. Archiving, maintenance, and auditing all work without issue, and, best of all, the firm saved 80% by deploying Clear Analytics instead of the proposed data warehouse solution.


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