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About Cisco Meraki

Cisco is best known for its routers and other hardware devices, but they also offer a comprehensive mobile device management system called Meraki. Cisco is headquartered in San Jose, California, where they were founded in 1984. In addition to their robust software offerings, they provide much of the hardware and support required for efficient networking systems, such as security appliances, switches, and the aforementioned wireless LAN routers. Clients of Cisco’s Meraki platform include MIT, United Colors of Benetton, Essex Property Trust, Stanford University, Cutter & Buck, and CafePress.

Meraki is a comprehensive solution that offers unified management of Macs, PCs, and mobile devices that run iOS, Windows, or Android. It provides centralized diagnostics on all devices hooked into the system, covering hardware and software usage. Devices can be locked remotely or even wiped if necessary. Various device functions such as the camera or app store can be easily restricted if necessary for security, and policies for different devices can be defined and implemented through a centralized admin panel. Meraki offers scalable endpoint configuration to make it easy to deploy various network settings to all devices attached to the network at the same time. Automatic network reporting also allows administrators to see how many devices are connected to the system, and produces metrics on bandwidth use and percentage of total traffic.

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