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ChronusProduct Overview

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Chronus product overview

Chronus is a cloud-based mentoring software for building impactful programs. It enables people to learn and develop while delivering strategic value to the organization. It also simplifies the starting, managing, and measuring of a mentoring program.

With Chronus, mentoring becomes the new strategic lever for impacting initiatives such as retention, engagement, advancement, and diversity. The software empowers employers to shape a resilient workforce by delivering services that unleash the full potential of their people.

Chronus streamlines the designing, launching, and scaling of programs to match unique needs. It uses AI matching and engaging UI to provide functionality and security. Chronus tracks all essential success metrics with proprietary dashboards and KPIs that highlight ROI to executive stakeholders.

Pros of Chronus

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  • Chronus is a flexible platform. It is configurable to fit the current and future needs of various mentoring programs.
  • Users can leverage and customize the software’s MatchIQ® technology to match participants with precision.

Cons of Chronus

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  • According to some users, setting up Chronus is overwhelming.
  • Others commented that the software offers limited reporting capabilities.

Breakdown of core features

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Organizations can launch mentorship programs smoothly with a streamlined enrollment process from Chronus. Users have the option of working with mentoring experts to utilize pre-built templates, workflows, and enrollment styles that best suit their needs. Additionally, companies can maximize registration with tailored branding and integrations with HRIS and collaboration tools for fast and simple program enrollment. The system’s data-rich and fully-customizable profiles help companies gain the insights they need to establish successful matching criteria for mentoring programs.


With Chronus, users can confidently match participants to create impactful mentoring experiences. Furthermore, organizations can increase their match rate with built-in features like Personalized Recommendations to encourage participants to connect. This mentoring software also allows users to choose a matching style that increases efficiency and decreases admin effort.


Chronus enables users to drive productive mentoring relationships through a guided experience. It introduces Android and iOS mobile apps with push notifications to nudge participants into mentoring action.

Organizations can embed the system’s mentoring how-to resources into each step of their program to support participants in making the most of mentoring connections. Connection plans and targeted campaigns from Chronus give personalized guidance and next steps to keep mentorships moving forward.


Companies can optimize program performance and prove mentoring impact with insightful data. The software lets users improve programs with customizable surveys that gather feedback for an ideal mentoring experience. Users get to personalize their dashboards to elevate the most important metrics and gain powerful insights to maximize mentoring results with Chronus.

(Last updated on 11/16/2021 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

Quick Facts

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  • Learning Formats
  • Enrollment and Recruitment
  • MatchIQ® Technology
  • Guided Learning Plans
  • End User Resources
  • Program Management and Communication
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Personalization
  • Multiple Programs


  • Slack
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Gmail
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Teams
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • BambooHR
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Okta
  • Twitter
  • Workday HCM
  • Yammer
  • Oracle PeopleSoft


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish