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Centrally HRProduct Overview

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Centrally HR product overview

Centrally HR is a cloud-based technology for end-to-end human capital management needs. It includes payroll, time and labor management, HR, benefits administration, recruitment, performance management, and scheduling. The flexible and customizable system grows with the company. It uses a modular-based system that facilitates turning tools on and off depending on business needs.

The fully integrated solution gives a single record for each employee to accomplish human capital management goals, both large and small. With this software, administrators and managers can efficiently onboard new hires with a click of a button and automatically process payroll deductions to focus on larger organizational objectives. Meanwhile, employees can utilize self-service tools like the mobile app, simplified onboarding, and a transparent open-enrollment process. The more data in the system, the better-equipped Centrally HR is for ongoing business decisions. It provides tools such as Succession Planning and Compensation Management to build a strong workforce for the future. Centrally HR addresses the needs of today’s diverse, multigenerational, and mobile workforce by effectively bridging the salary and hourly divide to manage and nurture employees.

Any business management tool can connect to Centrally HR. The solution provides an open API and Marketplace with over 50 established third-party integrations.

Pros of Centrally HR

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  • Centrally HR is a unified system with no back-end integrations happening between modules. All products are on the same interface, so the employee data is on a singular record flowing between each tool and educating each department on key decisions. There is no need to import or export data in the system.
  • The system’s Time & Labor Management module offers multiple options to track time for non-exempt employees, including ways to punch in and out, adjust cost centers, and request time off from desktop, mobile, or a wall clock. Centrally HR accurately captures time to seamlessly flow over to payroll. Exempt employees can use accrual tracking and user-friendly time off requests. Administrators can utilize the leave of absence tracking and attestation prompts for state meal and rest breaks law compliance.

Cons of Centrally HR

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  • Centrally HR’s flexibility can be complex for administrative users. There are several routes to get to the same outcome, so navigation in the system can feel daunting when administrative users are first learning. There is a search bar to help with this setback and system training upon implementation. Every system user level has access to Learning Center, a training portal with resources to give users confidence within the software and maximize the return on investment.
  • Advanced Scheduler is the most recent module developed in Centrally HR and therefore is not as robust as some of the other modules yet. The feature works well with businesses with linear scheduling needs and shifts that are filled based on a set rule of criteria. However, it can be challenging to use for organizations with unique scheduling needs and customized requests.

Breakdown of core features

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The software’s HR module automates core HR functions, such as onboarding and benefits management. It also delivers a single database that stores and tracks employee data in one location. With Centrally HR, applicable data is pulled over from a new hire’s application into their employee profile. Consequently, it minimizes manual and duplicate entry while simplifying the onboarding process.

The HR module improves compliance, mitigates risk, and builds a stronger workforce. Standard or custom forms, workflows, and checklists give the tools necessary to track local, state, federal, and organizational mandates. Automated step and grade pay schedules and benefits enrollment defined by eligibility removes bias and maintains compliance. To facilitate the manager and administrator’s role, incident tracking, asset management, and certificate tracking capabilities allow the company to avoid a mess of spreadsheets.


Organizations can create the ideal paycheck every time with the software’s end-to-end Payroll tool. It deducts local, state, and federal taxes based on the employee’s profile, along with any additional garnishments and benefit deductions for an employee basis. Centrally HR’s flexible pay rules engine makes overtime, shift differentials, and employees with multiple positions simple to process. The Payroll module also covers all the essential bases, including General Ledger processing, pay stub printing and distribution, multiple EIN support, and automated government form updates.

Employees have instant access to their federal forms and paychecks from their desktop login or mobile app. As a result, it makes life outside of work, like showing proof of income to buy a car or rent a new home, more manageable. Administrators can quickly process payroll with the intuitive interface with the payroll prep checklist and progress bar. Additionally, administrators and business owners gain access to strategic, real-time insights on payroll reports to make better business decisions.

Time and labor management

Centrally HR Time & Labor Management module supports the time collection for non-exempt staff with multiple sources, like time clocks, web entry, mobile app, or telephony. Managers and administrators can forecast, plan, and reduce overhead with insights into time data trends and real-time reporting that is configurable onto the dashboard. Custom workflows, open absence tracking, and mass editing tools enable the organization to manage its workforce.

The mobile app empowers employees to track time and change cost-centers, while administrators can rest assured with built-in geofencing capabilities. Employees also gain real-time access to their data, like accrual balances and schedules.


Companies can source and attract top talent for the organization with Centrally HR’s Recruiting through enhanced employer branding, a straightforward application process, and continuous communication to keep the applicants engaged up until the time of hire. The recruiting team can use the software’s rehire options, integrated background screening, and organization tools that make building teams a painless experience.

With Centrally HR, businesses get a branded and customizable career site. Organizations can build out job listings repeatedly and share open opportunities through popular recruiting channels like Indeed. Moreover, recruiting teams can fill open positions with tools such as pre-screening knockout questions and resume parsing. The system improves the recruiting process with insights and sentiment analysis for interviewer feedback.

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