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Product Quick Facts

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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Cashier Live

Since 2008, the Chicago-based CashierLive team has strived to make the lives of local business owners easier. To do so, they developed their point of sale Software on the web to provide instant, easy setup and upgrades. The latter is representative of the team’s dedication to constantly improving their product.

CashierLive’s Point of Sale Software makes it easy to accept payments from customers — all you need is an iPhone, iPad or computer. The software allows you to swipe a credit card, charging a small 2.7 percent processing fee per purchase, and a quick connection speeds up authorizations so that they come through in less than a minute. Afterwards, you can email receipts to your clients, saving time, paper, and the money it costs to print. The software’s capabilities don’t begin and end with purchases, though; it also allows you to track each employee’s hours and earnings. Employees can tote the iPhone POS around the store with them and check the inventory immediately if a client asks whether or not a particular item is still in stock. CashierLive also makes it easy to split checks, provide gift receipts, collect tips, and scan bar codes with your device’s built-in camera or a scanner connected by USB.

Establishments ranging from Christie’s Auction House in New York City to Maya’s Bakery in Indianapolis rely on this point of sale software every day.

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