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Product Quick Facts

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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About CampaignerCRM

Located in Massachusetts, CampaignerCRM is a subsidiary of J2 Global and provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for companies of all sizes. CampaignerCRM’s software works best for companies searching for a sales-based CRM with a variety of features geared toward moving sales through the pipeline at a faster speed.

There are three different versions of CampaignerCRM. CampaignerCRM Free is limited to one user and 500 contacts, and includes email marketing, Gmail sync, customized reports, unlimited email support, and ways to track accounts and opportunities. CampaignerCRM Pro builds upon the first version and also has tools for tracking leads, customizing and sharing reports, syncing email to Outlook as well as Gmail, an and internal support team. It also has personal assistants that deal with the data entry, report-generating, and administrative issues.CampaignerSPM contains all of the previously mentioned CRM functionalists as well as a reporting dashboard, advanced lead capture, and integration with QuickBooks. For companies that have more complex sales cycles, the third version provides the most functionality support.

Safety Speed, a company that sells machinery to small businesses, has a small sales force but a large client base. This makes it difficult to keep track of leads, and its previous CRM provider did not allow it to run detailed reports or track open accounts. With CampaignerCRM, Safety Speed has an easier time discerning who is a qualified lead and who isn’t, generating quality reports, and keeping track of prospects in their sales pipeline.

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