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About CallProof

CallProof is a customer relationship management (CRM) mobile software designed for companies that need to monitor a high number of sales representatives in the field. The setup is based on managers controlling the service from a computer, while users, mainly sales representatives, have access to the customer information they need to support their selling efforts and organize historical information about past sales calls and client interaction.

With CallProof, users can easily see which customers they’re closest to right from their mobile devices, making time management easy. Once sales users arrive at their destination, they can check in to appointments with clients to notify the managerial staff that they are on track and on time. They can also pull up Google Streetviews of businesses before they arrive and access directions in Google Maps, both of which take the guesswork out of determining which appointments are in which buildings. All calls are automatically loaded into the profile of that particular customer, making it easy to recall what has been discussed and what hasn’t. A daily email is generated each day to remind employees of key follow up information to pursue with customers. On the administrative side, territory managers can see all incoming and outgoing calls from the team and can record all sales calls made from a mobile device as well as access a history of in-person appointments that have been completed for the day. CallProof also features extensive activity report, traceable location history, and a news feed of salesmen activity. The amount of information that CallProof generates and stores makes it an excellent choice for companies with a traveling sales force.

A makeup-selling company used CallProof to help keep track of where their sales representatives were going and how many customers were attended to per day. With the help of CallProof, their sales staff increased their productivity by threefold.

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