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About Bunchball: Enterprise Gamification

Formed in 2005, Bunchball: Enterprise Gamification is a software company that provides cloud-based gamification products to help companies gain new customers and improve current customer loyalty. Bunchball’s platform combines big data, gamification and behavioral science to motivate specific user behavior and strengthen connections between businesses and their employees and customers. Bunchball offers its signature product, Bunchball Nitro, on five different platforms. Trusted by partners like Jive, SalesForce, IBM, NICE and SAP, Bunchball Nitro intuitively creates branded challenge-based activities on websites and social networks as well as mobile and enterprise applications. These gamified activities motivate employees and customers by utilizing rewards systems, teamwork and positive feedback, which increase users’ brand loyalty and improve the likelihood they’ll repeat the targeted behavior.

All of the Bunchball Nitro platforms are built to engage and motivate users through gamification. By integrating Nitro with their Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce encourages employees to deliver better service and to increase overall sales.  IBM Connections and Jive use Nitro to educate new users about different aspects of their companies through narrative-based activities. Currently, Bunchball Nitro is the only gamification engine with an immediate use solution for IBM Connections and Jive Software. NICE and SAP Jam implemented Nitro to motivate their users with a mix of games for social networking, websites and mobile applications.

One of more than 300 companies that use Bunchball’s Nitro platform, Playboy recently deployed the Miss Social Facebook application and has seen a dramatic increase in revenue. Playboy saw a 60% improvement in revenues and an 85% rate of re-engagement of past customers because of this month long competition.

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